A Timeline of Excellence and Success

1995 Founded

  • Consulting begins by applying our methods of rapid application development for clients such as; Bank Act, Del Monte Fresh Produce and Netspeak Corporation. Artech delivers Del Monte PROFITS system (Client Applause)
  • Development of Artech's unique methodology begins, and a corporate plan is adopted. Management is aware that a marketplace gap exists between the staffing companies and the Big Five accounting/consulting firms. (The business model that crystallized at that time is still employed today)
  • The company adds County Bank to its client list, and begins specifying Oracle products in its enterprise resource planning; expansion of the contractor network continues
  • Artech begins concentrating on developing custom methodologies with a focus on web applications. The company moves from Pembroke Pines to Coral Gables and reorganizes as a partnership
  • Artech adds Firehouse Four, For Eyes, Horizon Bank, Florida Savings, and County Trust to its client list and expands its work scope with Del Monte Fresh Produce. As a result, employment climbs (Client Applause)
  • Company infrastructure is put in place to support growth
  • New clients are added in various industries. The Internet begins influencing how software is developed and delivered to clients and their users. A partnership is arranged with Oracle, and business development activities expand
  • Artech maintains a corporate focus which begins to include Internet based companies such as SilverZipper, Qode.com and others. Artech projects become more focused on custom web-based solutions and data warehousing (Client Applause)
  • Artech integrates systems with Amazon.com product lists (Client Applause)
  • Internet bubble pops with rippling effects, the corporate sector falls into an abrupt halt in IT spending as the economy slows, South Florida sees a strong pull back in IT spending, Artech changes focus to Government sector with both Federal and State contracts
  • Artech is approved for Government contracts with the General Services Administration (GSA) and the state of Florida. Artech focuses on work with Federal and State government agencies with South Florida offices. Artech adds Burger King to the client list
  • Working primarily with web-based business applications and data warehouse dimensional modeling, Artech adds PC Universe and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to the client list. Artech opens an office in Las Vegas and moves the corporate office from Coral Gables to Sunrise Florida
  • Growth in the government sector continues with many successful projects, the company adds the Southeast Fisheries Science Center as a client
  • Artech's systems design and development methodologies (also used in the private sector) are well received by NOAA Fisheries, more projects are outlined using custom developed web-based solutions. Artech begins to develop IT projects sponsored by the National Marine Fisheries Service headquarters in Silver Spring, MD
  • Project scope expands to national level projects providing services to distributed regional offices in the Pacific Islands (Hawaii), Alaska, Northwest (Seattle, WA), Southwest (Long Beach, CA), and Northeast (Gloucester, MA)
  • PC Universe receives $2 million in private equity investment after going live with the E-Commerce solution developed with Artech (BizJournal News)
  • The fiftieth (50th) IT solution is delivered to NOAA Fisheries for both national and regional project initiatives
  • Artech begins implementing Google Applications for customers seeking a cost effective cloud based solution for email, documents, calendars, and communications, a natural fit with the web-applications Artech implemented over the years
  • Artech is chosen to deliver the NOAA Fisheries data warehouse for Highly Migratory Species of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Work with NOAA Fisheries continues with Artech being chosen to deliver IT solutions in the areas of fisheries landings management, fishing vessel monitoring, biological sampling, economic analysis, and compliance reporting
  • Many solutions continue to have extensive data processing, web-based user interfaces, and data warehousing components. Artech utilizes Google Apps for efficient project information sharing
  • In line with Artech's support of cloud-based computing, NOAA moves to Google Applications
  • Artech rolls out a new Commercial Landings Monitoring system for the southeast region. The system supports an important roll in dealer electronic reporting and commercial landings monitoring. The new system is well received by council members and commercial fishers
  • Artech rolls out a new Unified Data Processing system. The system replaced several legacy applications and integrates several data sources including fisheries logbooks, commercial permits, and electronic dealer reporting
  • Artech delivers a new data processing system which monitors vessel activity, bathymetry, direction, and distance using Vessel Monitoring Systems data
  • Artech delivers the new Caribbean Commercial Landings data collection and reporting system
  • Artech delivers a new Southeast Recreational Headboat system for data collection and reporting
  • Artech develops automated data integration processing between the Southeast Regional Office (SERO) and the Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC). The processes built with Oracle database computer code, work unattended to integrate permits data with fisher logbooks and dealer electronic reporting
  • The Southeast Fisheries Science Center migrated their day-to-day operations of the fisheries logbook program to the (Artech developed) Unified Data Processing system
  • Artech delivers the Southeast Fisheries Reporting website which includes an interactive web-based reporting and query tool
  • Artech expands the existing Southeast Fisheries Reporting website to include economic statistical analysis parameter driven reporting
  • Work with NOAA Fisheries continues, Artech is chosen to deliver IT solutions in the areas of Gulf of Mexico shrimp data management, economic data validation and processing, observer program systems and electronic measuring boards, and highly migratory species data processing and analysis