Artech is an Information Technology professional services firm. Artech's goal is to bring sound methodologies together with web-based application development to deliver strong returns on investment. We specialize in providing strategic solutions to enable companies to leverage their potential working with enterprise-wide web-based solutions. Our specialties range from custom technologies, application integration, and data warehousing/business intelligence, to web testing and quality assurance.

From Strategy To Solution

Artech's Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology for project based IT professional services.

Why Do IT Projects Fail ?

The top ten reasons for this failing report card on corporate IT and how to avoid these pitfalls. Source: Standish Group

Application Building and Data Roadmap

A discussion on the early planning effort called IT Strategy and how your business could be driving your IT investments.

Data Warehousing Case Study

Transforming departmental data to a common enterprise repository with the "hub-and-spoke" method. Fewer moving parts when you put your data through appropriate transformations after the loading.