Why Do IT Project Fail?

Corporate America spends hundreds of billions of dollars each year on application software development projects. And local, state, and the federal government chip in too. Given the time, money, and effort involved in theses project, one can only assume that the majority of these projects yield positive results. Not so, according to studies published by the Standish Group.

26% Successful: The project is completed on time and on budget, with all features as originally specified.

28% Failed: The project is canceled before completion.

46% Challenged: The project is completed and operational, but over budget, over time estimated, and with fewer features and functions than initially specified.


  1. Lack of user representation

  2. Incomplete requirements

  3. Changing requirements

  4. Lack of executive support

  5. Lack of resources

  6. Unrealistic expectations

  7. Unclear objectives

  8. Unrealistic timeframes

  9. Technology incompetence

  10. New technology

Which best describes

the project you are


Why Artech Projects are Successful

Think Big, Start Small, Build for Scale

A successful project today must not only automate processes but also improve business value, customer service, competitive advantage, and/or time to market, which produces a measurable impact on the bottom line through qualitative and quantitative benefits.

Interdependent Factors

Numerator: Boost productivity through innovation, differentiation and superior customer service

Denominator: Reduce operational costs and shorten development cycles