Client Applause

"This was our fourth attempt at developing such a system. Our business, as you’ve learned, can be quite complicated and until Artech came along, no other company had been able to deliver on their promises. I think it’s safe to say that even you found the job to be much more than you had originally accounted for in your proposal. This, however, is the reason why I can write this glowing letter of recommendation. You and your team understood our goals and acted as business partners and consultants rather than simple programmers for hire. You worked closely with our management to ensure that the project was always moving in the right direction and you offered additional insight and recommendations to help us achieve the results we were looking for. You and your team should be proud of the work you do and PC Universe will certainly use you for all our future projects."

-- Chief Operating Officer, PC Universe, Inc.

"This is incredible, I can't believe the way this functions, be sure to tell your technical team (Artech) what a great job they have done…We will be putting together the first data feed in the history of…”

-- Technical Team,

"In addition to quality, the record that you have built with Del Monte is just exceptional in today’s market place. Del Monte has had the opportunity and the need to engage consulting firms of every flavor and none has the reputation and success record that Artech has with Del Monte."

-- Director, MIS, Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc.

"... Artech, your hard work, dedication and unbelievable ability to achieve the impossible as a team, are second to none, you have created a world class organization. Your hard work has always been noticed internally, soon the world will see!"

-- Vice President, Qode

"...Artech’s professionalism and signature methodology consistently kept us on our mission critical path. You took a great idea on paper to technical prowess."

-- President, Qode

"(We were) impressed by you (Artech partner Jay O'Leary) and your team's professionalism and 'whatever it takes' attitude."

-- Director, Information Service, Peoples Telephone Company

"...high quality work produced. The client/server system developed clearly meets our requirement...will carry us into future challenges."

-- President, Prison Division, Peoples Telephone Company

"I would like to express my appreciation for your (Artech Senior Partner Rick Virmani's) leadership and technical direction, which have led to the successful conclusion of the second phase of the our PROFITS (project), (an) enterprise-wide client/server system spanning 18 locations across the United States. I believe that our accomplishments were truly amazing...(we are) convinced our initial client/server project was extraordinary."

-- Director, MIS, Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc.