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Artech Unites Brick And Mortar With Cyberspace

Qode is an infrastructure company with a unique commerce solution based on a universal directory of products and retailers. The directory enables businesses to offer their customers the flexibility to use wireless devices and the Web to capture volumes of products in the real world or to search for them online.

Qode’s technology allows users to capture bar codes so they can save products to lists in order to make their purchases whenever they want, from their favorite retailers, on-land or on-line.

Retailers and brand manufacturers, who are part of Qode’s Universal Directory, server both traditional and on-line buying opportunities, so shoppers can find and buy products from retailers they know and trust. Brands and retailers also have the opportunity to offer targeted promotions on specific items about which shoppers have expressed interest.

Qode’s database is linked to more that 15,000 retailers and contains more than 100 million products using a proprietary system that combines the world’s largest product directory with the world’s most precise product search engine. The Qode System and its Universal Directory is being made available to consumers through major portals, content sites, and consumer service companies which license the technology.

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