Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence - Artech's data warehousing/business intelligence practice takes a global approach to maximizing a company's resource allocation, while minimizing cost and eliminating inefficiencies. Artech starts with the "plumbing" to automate and streamline the extraction, transformation and loading of data. Through this approach, heterogeneous data sources are brought together to build a common data model. With clean, validated data managed in an industrial-strength database as a foundation, data analysis is performed using the leading Business Intelligence tools.

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Custom Software Development- Artech's custom technologies practice focuses on proven methodologies that allow projects to be built with an emphasis of return on investment and customer satisfaction. We achieve this by keeping users engaged during the whole process, identifying clear but flexible business requirements, critical success factors, and a visual story board of the solution. All Artech projects are referable. (Read a Success Story)

Our specialties range from custom technologies, application integration, and data warehousing/business intelligence, to web testing and quality assurance. Experienced with relational database technologies, Artech's approach is to offer integrated strategic solutions that follow proven methodologies to achieve beneficial and profitable result.

Artech's goal is to bring sound methodologies together with web-based applications to deliver solid return on investment. We specialize in providing strategic solutions to enable companies to reach their potential working with enterprise-wide web-based solutions.

Custom Developed Solutions

Artech is a team of highly-skilled professionals who shape technology solutions to redefine the limits of corporate potential. Our dedication and experience delivering today's IT solutions sets us apart in this ever-changing industry. Our focus is directed towards teaming with organizations to fully understand their business model, capitalize on its strengths, and help define targets that can often seem elusive in less experienced hands.

Building From The Ground Up

Just as an architecture cannot stand without a well-made blueprint for successful construction, an IT solution cannot achieve its maximal results without a comprehensive technology plan - a plan that spells out where a company wants to go, and how to get there via the shortest and most efficient route. Artech's methodologies are a blueprint for success. We start with a discovery session that allows us to understand the business needs. We then develop a strategy to define objectives and focus on solutions. This allows us to construct a foundation for the desired solution, which sets out the necessary requirements to get to our destination. By designing and shaping the solution with these essentials in mind, we can build and test a delivered product that meets and often exceeds all expectations.

Profit-Driven Technologies

We approach each client on an individual basis, with the goal of creating a customized, tailored solution that zeroes in on the specific areas of need. Specializing in complex, mission-critical projects allows us to maximize business benefits and Return on Investment. We take great pride in partnering to merge our knowledge, innovation and flexibility with corporate objectives, needs, and staff. That's how we at Artech turn ideas into profits, and potential into success.

A Record of Success

Artech's projects are 100% referable, reflecting our commitment to working closely with our clients and seeing their success as our own. Working with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500, as well as local, state and federal government agencies, our mission is to provide technology solutions that drive profitability, improved operations, and return on investment. This dedication and team focus has contributed to our ever-growing family of satisfied clients. At Artech, we are always asking ourselves how we can deliver the best to our clients for the least cost, enabling companies to reach new dimensions in today's demanding and competitive marketplace.

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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Pulling together heterogeneous data sources to build a common data model. With clean, validated data hosted in an industrial strength database as a foundation, the OLAP Server is then used to exploit the analytic capabilities of the leading Business Intelligence tools in the marketplace today. This allows users to "slice and dice" the data to their particular needs and specifications. The result? Data that is detailed and clear, and ties together disparate sources to the people that need them most, allowing intelligent business decisions to be made.

Leveraging Data

Good Business Intelligence allows organizations to leverage the data collected across the entire business to enhance corporate performance and management insight. Decisions can now be made based on the "whole" of the information available, significantly impacting a company's bottom line. Often, companies tackling data warehousing initiatives find results to be short of expectations. The reason is a lack of a comprehensive framework spanning the entire data flow. Artech solves this problem by collecting the data from transaction engines throughout the business enterprise. All data is extracted with its ultimate use in mind. It is then combined and redistributed to any authorized person with access to a web browser. A warehouse project does not have to be done with one giant initiative. A phased approach is great to add data and build data marts getting results as the warehouse evolves, getting early return on investment.

Access - To Get The Job Done

Most organizations are structured such that roughly 10% of the people spend 100% of their time with data collection, analysis and distribution. These data intermediaries largely control the timing, integrity, and overall coherence of the information everyone else uses to do their jobs. With a new Business Intelligence approach, 100% of the people can now spend 10% of their time accessing information directly, eliminating data intermediaries and increasing the bottom line.

Changing The Way People Work

With only one data source, all existing reconciliation activities can disappear. By utilizing a web-based reporting solution the data comes through a easy accessed familiar format removing the learning curve for personnel to gain access to the data they need! Our experience shows that this eliminates up to 50% of all administrative effort, by giving people the information they need, when they need it. This allows you to set goals and measure success far more effectively.

Flexibility And Control

With greater access and wider distribution of required data, Artech allows your company to have a new basis for management control and oversight. With this increased control comes increased flexibility, and the ability to respond much more rapidly to any changes or fluctuations in your business processes. Faster response time to evolving market circumstances is often what makes the difference between failure and success. Artech gets you there by making your data work for you.


What all of this translates to is the ability for management to properly assess the effectiveness of all inputs that lead to a desired performance outcome. Assessing the results of the decisions that make a company work, allows management to increase the efficiency of the company's operations from top to bottom. It's all about Intelligence. And Artech is here to ensure that you get the best of it, when you need it, to make your company grow. Now, that's not just Business Intelligence. That's just plain smart.

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