DWBI Success Story

Relational Online Reporting System

Davel Corporation (formerly People’s Telephone Corporation – PTC) is a company that owns payphones in many locations. They receive profit from telephone companies with whom they partner, and pay out percentages of call-generated revenue to the locations where their phones are housed. At the time of Artech’s solution, PTC had 23 different data sources from 23 different carriers with whom PTC had ongoing partnership arrangements. These included companies such as AT&T, MCI and Bellsouth. All 23 of them had to be put into a singular data warehouse.

Artech’s solution was to utilize relational database tools to construct a data warehousing “pipe” to convert files from the “received state”, that is – the state in which the files were received (different formats) from the various carriers, and convert them into a common, categorized, formatted and mapped data exchange, which was fully automated. Having created this one data warehouse, Artech then processed the data, and grouped it into reporting tables, thus creating a staging area for the data to be sliced and diced for further functionality. These tables were then accessed for reporting.

The reports that were generated allowed PTC to analyze how much revenue they were owed by all of the various partner carriers, as well as the associated fees owed by PTC to the various locations that housed their phones systems. Thus allowing PTC to achieve an immediate Return on Investment.

Shortly after implementing the data warehousing solution, People’s Telephone was acquired by Davel Corporation. In assessing the value of the various information systems under which PTC operated, Artech’s solutions were the only systems retained by Davel, praising them for their efficiency and money-saving capabilities. Once again showing return on investment is a driving force behind the projects we build.